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A walk with Christ

               Angus Reynolds Walker is a timeless musical talent who has recorded, wrote and played many genres over the years and is one of the most accomplished early Nova Scotian pioneers of bluegrass music.  He has mostly focused on playing rhythm guitar and lead vocals but has experience with other instruments such as the fiddle and dog house base in addition to singing harmony on a few occasions. His early musical inspirations were Johnny Paycheck and Jimmy Martin among a multiplicity of others, some of whom Angus has had the pleasure to meet or briefly play with over the course of his career. Angus first started playing guitar at the age of ten and during the next few years, Angus developed his musical talents and made his first recordings including "The White Rose" which is a traditional Cornish folk song during his early adolescence. 


             Ronald Spencer was an early musical mentor that was responsible for booking Angus' first live performance in Grand Anse, Cape Breton Island with Roland Wilkie playing tenor banjo, Knobbie Bro on accordion and Ronnie on steel top guitar. Angus, Ronnie and others also recorded at CJFX radio station in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.







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